Half Staff 2018

A sinister prediction: children in the United States would never again see the American Flag flying at the top of the flagstaff. It would hang at half-staff each and every day.

A deadly attack on the nation’s Capital with uncertain claims of responsibility. A series of coordinated attacks killing thousands in the United States with no clues. A strange meeting with Al-Qaeda in Dubai. The bizarre connection to Albania.

Devising the right tactics to beat a well-organized and financed enemy is one thing. Fighting against an omniscient enemy that remains in the shadows is another. A tough-minded warrior forged in the crucible of special operations combat faces the most important mission of his life: to stop a major attack on the United States that will trigger widespread domestic panic and worldwide calamity.  Dan Steele navigates through dangerous uncharted waters to fight a ruthless enemy who seems to always be one step ahead.

Half Staff 2018 is a future look at terrorism within the United States and uncovers vulnerabilities that few people have even considered. The book's fast-paced action  will have you wondering how realistic this future plot might be.